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About Us

The insurance industry is an extremely dynamic one, and BRZ Insurance is here to help you augment your profitability and at the same time balance out the demands of dictatorial change and shifting customer perspectives.

We are more than just an independent insurance agency, and our core focus lies in delivering high-quality results, fostering teamwork and visionary people. With an ethical and socially responsible ecosystem, we operate in a beta mode, always looking for new ways to improve and progress.

The company was established by three successful millennial businessmen with a passion to bring together people and technology, combined with a mutual commitment to redefine monetary services.

The founders designed the Framingham location with welcoming spaces where clients can come to review their insurance policies, get answers to their insurance-related questions, recharge their devices or simply interact with new people.

In addition to that, we offer a diverse range of insurance services including Home, Workers' Compensation, Auto, and General Liability among others. Our motto prioritizes customer satisfaction, and we firmly believe that your insurance policy should be one that fits your life, not vice versa.

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Our Skills & Expertise

We are specialized in Personal & Commercial Auto, Worker's Compensation, General Liability, Renter's Insurance, Home Insurance, Life, Umbrella Coverage and more.

Commercial Auto
Workers' Compensation & General Liability

Frequently Asked Questions

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