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An Essential Guide to Understanding Life Insurance

A women is looking at BRZinsurance.com and reading to learn more about life insurace
Investing in a life policy coverage will help you and your loved ones. Although BRZ Insurance does not currently offer commercial life insurance, but instead, we hope to educate and assist our customers by connecting you to the most trusted life assurance advisors in and around the Greater Boston area. We understand that choosing a…Leia Mais

5 Advices for Homeowners to Prevent Roof Leaks

BRZ Insurance, BRZ Malden, BRZ Framingham offers home insurance to cover the common issue, roof leaks and water damages
Does home policy cover roof leaks? This is one of the most common questions that customers about our home insurance policy. Yes, typically homeowners policy does provide coverage for leaky rooftops but depending on the coverage you have. You’ll need to check with your insurance agent and ask about the details and the extent of…Leia Mais

4 Types of Homeowners Coverage to Protect Your Home

BRZ Insurance goal is to help our customers find the best policy coverage that matches your needs. Choosing the homeowners is easy with help from a BRZ agent.
Which house coverage is right for you? In part-one of this post for homeowners policy guide for first-time buyers, we looked at the 6 types of property coverage that one can include or exclude of named perils in customizing their policy. In this post, I highlighted the four types of property coverage that one should…Leia Mais

Highlights from the 2019 Boston Marathon Race in Framingham MA

2019 Boston Marathon in Framingham MA Congratulations to all Boston Marathon runners on completing the 2019 Boston Marathon race! Thank you to all the local and regional businesses that participated in this year’s Marathon Fest in Framingham, MA and for helping to create a wonderful experience for the runners and the community. Here are the…Leia Mais

3 Essential Facts for a First-time Home Buyer Insurance Policy

Blue and White Suburban Home.
A Guide for First-time Home Buyers The New England region is an area known for its distinguishing architecture, from the Georgian style house to the Victorian home and its Colonial predecessor. In fact, homeowners policy serves as a safeguard for Massachusetts residents. A robust insurance policy protects life’s most precious possessions - family and the…Leia Mais

6 Benefits of Renters Insurance

Image of an apartment interior with yellow and green accents
Why would you need Renters Insurance? Boston is a transnational city.  Small, yet accessible by foot or bike, and it's one of the most intellectual cities in the world. We are surrounded by some of the best universities that attract top talent from the four corners of the globe. Why does Renter Insurance Matter? On…Leia Mais
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