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Thank you for joining us! Event Recap with Alexandre Pires’ Performance with Boston Eventos

We’d like to thank Alexandre Pires for such an amazing performance!

Thank you to all the audience for such a great turnout at Alexandre Pires’ show this past weekend!

Boston Eventos Host Alexandre Pire's Performence at UMASS Lowell

We’d also like to thank Emilia Pedersen and her team for her enthusiastic setlist! We’d also like to thank UMass Lowell for allowing our guests to experience such a great performance on their grounds.

Here are some memorable moments of our guests and audience members

The audiences were beyond excited to watch his performance. Their smiles were captured by our photographers both in front of the designated backdrop, as well as during Pires’ performance.

As the performance began, cries burst from the arena’s crowd from the moment Alexandre Pires took the center stage. Fans cheers as Alexandre opens with the song, “Eu Menti” as it fills the Tsongas Center arena of UMASS Lowell.

Alexandre Pires Interacts with members of the crowd taking a selfie

Couples danced together, while friends sang along to his lyrics as loud as they could. Fans were seen taking their own pictures of the show and the performers and posting videos to their social media accounts of them singing along to all the hits.

Unforgettable Memories from our Guests

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"Alexandre Pires’ passionate and eloquent performance will be remembered for many years to come."

Here are our top moments from Alexandre Pires’ amazing performance:

Alexandre Pires on stage. Presented by Boston Eventos
Alexandre Pires' Performence in Lowell, MA
Alexandre Pires
Alexandre Pires taking a selfie with the fans in the audience
Alexandre Pires
Alendre Pires Performence
Alexandre Pires
Alexandre Pires Boston Eventos
Alexandre Pires Boston Eventos
Alexandre Pires Boston Eventos
Alexandre Pires Boston Eventos

Thank you to all the people, sponsors, partners for making Boston Eventos’ concert with the legendary Alexandre Pires one of the most electrifying performances of 2019. 

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Your support makes a significant impact on our community!

Alexandre Pires performs at UMASS Lowell. Event sponsered by Boston Eventos and BRZ Insurance.
Photographs by David Le

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