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3 tips for maintaining your house’s hardwood floors

January 22, 2020
how to take care of hardwood floors
After extensive research, countless open houses, and a number of offers and counteroffers, you have finally closed on your dream home, complete with beautiful hardwood floors, stylish granite countertops, and even brand-new stainless steel appliances! There is good reason to take pride in those hardwood floors since they help create a cozy atmosphere in your… Read More

The 6 most common homeowners insurance coverage questions revealed

January 20, 2020
homeowners insurance coverage
As a consumer, you have likely been exposed to all kinds of different scenarios where insurance coverage has been either required or recommended. Whether you are just thinking of buying a place or you have already signed the dotted line, one of the most important types of insurance coverage you will acquire is, of course,… Read More

10 homeowners insurance tips for new homebuyers

January 14, 2020
homeowners insurance tips for new homebuyers
You have been saving up for a while, scouted different areas, checked public school system ratings, mapped out potential commute routes, and attended dozens of open houses in order to finally make an offer to purchase your very own house. As you await the next step in your journey towards homeownership, here are a few… Read More

15 tips on preparing your home for winter

December 19, 2019
tips on how to prepare your home for winter
Are you looking for answers about preparing your home for winter? We got you covered with 15 amazing tips to help you with that quest! As any resident of Massachusetts knows all too well, dropping temperatures bring with them snow, ice, and a unique host of challenges for homeowners looking to get ahead of weather-related… Read More

The Survival Guide For Truckers Insurance

December 12, 2019
truckers insurance guide
You have spent a considerable amount of time-saving up to start your own auto hauling or trucking business. You came up with the perfect zany name and a cool logo! Have you already selected your vehicle, and are anxious to actually get to work? I bet you do! What comes next, before you take on… Read More

Why do truckers need general liability insurance?

December 12, 2019
truckers general liability
If you are planning to open your trucking company, you need to understand why do truckers need general liability insurance! Are you a for-hire trucker, motor carrier, or auto hauler roaming the open highways, transporting all sorts of cargo? Given the diversity of cargo types and the countless hours spent on the road, unforeseen circumstances… Read More

An Essential Guide to Understanding Life Insurance

June 11, 2019
A women is looking at BRZinsurance.com and reading to learn more about life insurace
Investing in a life policy coverage will help you and your loved ones. Although BRZ Insurance does not currently offer commercial life insurance, but instead, we hope to educate and assist our customers by connecting you to the most trusted life assurance advisors in and around the Greater Boston area. We understand that choosing a… Read More

How to Achieve Financial Wellness

May 15, 2019
Man flossing in his suit because he just landed a new business partnership.
Learn finance and invest in your furture. Getting your finances on a healthy path can be difficult, but the BRZ team is here to help. Finance and insurance are industries intertwined; our goal is to equip people with the tools and resources for them to achieve financial independence and well-being. Below I describe a few… Read More

5 Maintenance Tips for Homeowners to Prevent Roof Leaks

April 29, 2019
BRZ Insurance, BRZ Malden, BRZ Framingham offers home insurance to cover the common issue, roof leaks and water damages
Does home policy cover roof leaks? This is one of the most common questions that customers about our home insurance policy. Yes, typically homeowners policy does provide coverage for leaky rooftops but depending on the coverage you have. You’ll need to check with your insurance agent and ask about the details and the extent of… Read More

4 Types of Homeowners Coverage to Protect Your Home

April 24, 2019
BRZ Insurance goal is to help our customers find the best policy coverage that matches your needs. Choosing the homeowners is easy with help from a BRZ agent.
Which homeowners coverage is right for you? In part-one of this post for homeowners policy guide for first-time buyers, we looked at the 6 types of property coverage that one can include or exclude of named perils in customizing their policy. In this post, I highlighted the four types of property coverage that one should… Read More

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