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The Best Business Ideas to Start in 2022

There are approximately 582 million entrepreneurs on the planet and according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, that number is expected to increase in the coming years. The data indicates that in recent years, there has been a 95% increase in registrations for new businesses in the US. In France, it has increased by 20% and in Japan, 14%. Even in the midst of a pandemic, in 2020 alone the increase was 24% in the United States.

If you’ve always wanted to start a business, but haven’t figured out where to start yet. Or even if you have only just started thinking about the possibility of taking the reins of your professional life with entrepreneurship, we are here to help.

We are bringing you a list of ideas and suggestions that can help kick-start your life as a businessman (or woman) in 2022.

Sell your Professional Services

Professional services require little extra training to get started. Even if specific knowledge is required, you can set up your business in no time. Here are some of the top options to consider:


If you’ve worked in an area that has brought you specialized knowledge, offering a consulting service can be a great idea. There are two main types of consulting businesses: strategy consulting and management consulting.


Are you good with children? How about helping busy parents by starting a childcare business? You don’t need much investment upfront to get it off the ground. You can even start one from the comfort of your own home. Remember that you may need a permit to start your daycare, so look into this before starting one.

Pet care

The number of families with pets has been increasing and with the pandemic, growth has accelerated. Of course, this fact has increased the demand for pet services, as well as increasing the number of businesses that accept pets. Which means you can offer services privately or to a pet-friendly company. You can start and excel by having the right tools, making appointments and sticking to schedules, maintaining a close relationship with each customer.


With all the changes in work dynamics due to the pandemic and the growth of remote work, people started to move more according to the intended lifestyle than just for professional reasons, which has increased demands for moving. However, moving is no fun for anyone and small moving companies have made a fortune from this housing boom. Get into action by starting a small moving business.

Cleaning service

Consider starting a cleaning business if you don’t mind doing the dirty work that others can’t or won’t do for themselves. The financial reward can be incredible.

Starting a cleaning business is quite easy and you can get started with very little investment. Sometimes all you need is soap and a willingness to scrub.

That being said, here are some cleaning deals you can easily get into:

  • Home Cleaning Services: Know busy professionals in your neighborhood? Why not approach them and ask to clean their homes for a small fee? The business can grow quickly.
  • Vehicle Cleaning: Some vehicle owners don’t have time to clean their vehicles. Why not lend a hand? You can even take things a step further by approaching companies and asking them to clean their vehicle fleet.
  • Carpet cleaning: Few people have the time and patience to clean carpets. If you already have carpet cleaning equipment or know a place that rents it, consider starting a commercial or home carpet cleaning service.
  • Cleaning graffiti or graffiti: Do you know how to clean spray paint from walls? If you know, you can offer this service to residential and commercial buildings.

Learn more about commercial insurance for cleaning companies.

Personal Training

If you have a degree in physical education, you can provide personalized and specialized training. The pandemic has brought a lot of life into perspective and the demand for health care has increased a lot.

This is a business where, at first, what you need is knowledge, a space and customers. Classes can be online, reducing the amount charged individually while increasing chances of having a larger class and students from other areas of the planet. But it can also be in person and done on the street, at a club, or even at the student’s home.

Other ideas are to teach tutoring, piano, drums or guitar, singing, dancing, computing for the elderly, depending on your experience, will and interest.

Enter the food and beverage market

If you are looking for a business to call your own and you are a success in the kitchen, the idea of setting up a restaurant has certainly crossed your mind. However, the initial investment for this may have stopped your impulses right away.

What you may not have thought about is that with some creativity, you can start small and grow little by little.

The secret is small business, big marketing. Many brands start with personalized services, just one type of product, direct deliveries, made-to-order before expanding operations by increasing the home kitchen, hiring new employees and finally, setting up an ideal space for the execution of incoming orders.

Sell your creative services

Just like the professional services space, finding ways to capitalize on your creative strengths is a great way to start your first business.

Graphic designer

Whether as a full-time agency or a side project, you can use a free online store to sell and promote your design services.

Freelance writing

Are you an expert in drawing up business plans, writing marketing copy or editing CVs? Your writing and editing skills could be your next way to make money and right from the comfort of your home. Take courses, online exercises, create a portfolio and begin your search for new clients.

Video Editing

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? This is a clear indication that video consumption is increasing. So, if you are good at video editing, there are many people out there who will need your services.

Audio or video transcription

With video content becoming more popular, transcription services have become even more important. This is in the case of transcribing marketing videos. For legal, judicial, or medical transcriptions, you will need certifications, which are quite affordable.

Freelance translation

As with writing, if you still have skills in other languages, you can offer your services autonomously. Just like in writing, a portfolio will make a difference. Take advantage of online exercises to create material to present to future clients.

Social media management

Having a solid online presence is essential to surviving and remaining relevant in this digital age, but not every company has professionals available who know how to manage social media well. If you know how to make a company gain space in the digital world, you can offer this service with just a computer, a smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection.

Pay attention to Generation Z

We cannot ignore Generation Z. It will soon be the most economically active generation and with very particular ways of consuming. They overvalue brands that help customers improve their own image, offer personalized products, manage customer communities well, support charities, and make customers feel valued.

If you’re going to start now, how about considering a business that will attract just that audience? Video games, digital art, small animation studios and local beauty companies have all found their way into the Gen Z universe.

But first things first…

Starting a business on your own can be a daunting task. Before you start, here are a few things you need to check and reflect on:

  • Proper Industry Training: To successfully enter any industry, it is important to have extensive knowledge of the business and master the skills necessary to be effective.
  • Make a business plan: A business plan is a written document that describes the goals of a business and what steps must be taken to achieve those goals. Be sure to detail all components, including business description, market analysis, competitive analysis, product plan, business operations, employee plan, training, and financial strategy.
  • Financing: If you are going to need financing, you need to consider what type of financing it is. A business line of credit or a small business loan are common business financing options. You should analyze your financial situation before getting stuck with a payback plan.
  • Do you have entrepreneurial grit? Not every specialist is suited to being a business owner. You need to analyze your motivations, time management skills, organization and problem solving.

Don’t forget commercial insurance!

Even a sole proprietorship has assets to protect and customers to stay accountable to. To learn more about the average Business Owner coverage, talk to a BRZ agent and explain the way you operate or will operate your company.

We are ready to guide you to the greatest coverage possible while keeping your budget in mind!

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