• auto


    Fortunately, getting great car insurance isn’t something you have to do alone. At BRZ Insurance, you have access to a team of insurance professionals ready to get you the best coverage for your specific situation at the right price.



  • residential


    As independent insurance agents, the professionals at BRZ Insurance are ready to help you protect your part of The American Dream. We’re eager to show you the benefits you realize when you shop local and work with a local, independent insurance agency.


  • vida


    The professionals at BRZ Insurance are well versed in all aspects of Massachusetts life insurance and we’re ready to help you research options and weigh the pros and cons of each. 

  • workers-comp


    As your local, independent insurance agency, we’re committed to making certain you’re adequately protected in the event of a worker's compensation claim or other unfortunate circumstance.




  • surety-bond


    We specialize in providing both large and small Massachusetts businesses with the commercial, contract and business service surety bonds to ensure that your client doesn’t bear any financial harm based on you or your employee’s actions or failure to perform.


  • previdencia


    Regardless of where you start, identifying your destination is the first step to getting there. We work with you to build a financial plan that includes all of your major goals, financial and non-financial. We help you to specify the financial implications of your qualitative goals so that your living standard needn’t change to accommodate them.


Framingham-based BRZ Insurance believes in the The American Dream. We believe that  in the greatest nation on earth, with hard work and grit, you have the opportunity to improve your life and the lives of your children, no matter who you are. As your local independent insurance agent, we are proud to help you, our neighbors and our small businesses address the the vast range of risks associated with pursuing prosperity and success. How do we help our clients do this?

Through personal insurance, we help Massachusetts’ families protect the properties they’ve worked so hard to acquire.

With commercial insurance, we transfer the risk of assets losses and liability, so our clients can predictably manage their operations while pursuing their dreams.

Supported by life insurance, we reduce the mortifying financial impact of a loved one’s unexpected death.

And with thoughtful estate planning, we assist our clients reap the rewards of their pursuits and enjoy a retirement that’s financially intelligent.


Your Local Agent!

As your  local independent insurance agency, we have access to many insurance companies and we can work with top-rated firms to find and tailor a Massachusetts insurance policy that’s just right for you. So give us a call, use the online quote form, or stop by our Concord Street office so we can help you find the right coverage. 

Why Choose BRZ Insurance?

Because we’re a local business and our employees are your neighbors!

BRZ  Insurance, located at 107 Concord Street in Downton Framingham, has one focus: you. You are our boss. And our main goal is to make getting the right insurance as easy as possible. We’re well versed in the risks and potential losses Massachusetts residents and business owners face in their personal and business lives, and we work closely with dozens and dozens of top-rated insurance companies to give you choices—something you won’t get from some of our major competitors.

Have a question? Just want to talk?

We’re ready and waiting to hear from you. Reach out today through the phone, our online form below, a visit to our office, or our social media and we promise we’ll be in touch with you shortly.


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