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More than just an independent insurance agency, we have kept pace with the ever-evolving world trends, bringing together technology and people to create an insurance purchasing experience that is not only quick but also hassle-free and cost-effective.

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BRZ Insurance specializes in connecting companies and people; businesses and opportunities; insurance and financial services and needs.

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We offer a diverse range of services including Home, Workers' Compensation, Personal Auto, Commercial Auto, and General Liability among others.

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Our motto prioritizes customer satisfaction, and we firmly believe that your insurance policy should be one that fits your life, not vice versa.

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At BRZ, we are committed to delivering high-quality results, and we work to foster teamwork and visionary people. With an ethical and socially responsible ecosystem, we operate in a beta mode, always looking for new ways to improve and progress.

  • Auto


    The primary use of automobile insurance is to offer financial protection against bodily injury or physical damage from traffic collisions. 

  • HOME


    Homeowners policy offers protection against a majority of risks to your real estate such as weather damage, fire, and theft.



    Life insurance is an agreement between an insurance policyholder and an insurer where the latter assures to pay a certain beneficiary amount of money.

  • icon_wc


    Workers' compensation insurance offers medical benefits and wage replacement to employees who've been physically hurt during the span of employment.

  • icon_motor


    Motorcycle insurance covers you in the event of an at-fault accident, taking care of mostly repair or replacement costs.

  • icon_boat


    The boat insurance policy protects you against expenses in the event of damage or loss of your boat and covers most watercraft with motors, such as paddle boats, leisure yachts, etc.

  • icon_renters


    Renters insurance is a type of policy that covers the costs associated with damages in your rented space such as fire, vandalism, and theft.

  • icon_umbrella


    This multiline policy is designed to help protect you from major lawsuits and claims, helping you protect your future as well as your assets. 

  • icon_others


    In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also offer a range of other packages worth. Contact us through chat or by phone.

About US

BRZ was founded by three successful millennial entrepreneurs with a passion to connect people and technology, combined with a shared commitment to redefine financial services. The founders designed the Framingham location with inviting spaces where you can go to review your insurance, get answers to your insurance coverage questions, recharge your devices, or simply connect with people. We are here to facilitate the meeting era.


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Choosing the ideal insurance service can be quite overwhelming as well as challenging. However, with the right insurance company by your side, this process can be made immensely easier and quicker. Check out our latest insurance tips below to find out more.

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Every buying decision is our opportunity to show you that we understand your needs and offer, in a thoughtful way, financial and insurance services that are ideal for you.

  • We are committed to the satisfaction of our clients.
  • We innovate to deliver superior results with positive impacts.
  • We foster teamwork and value visionary and actionable people.
  • We have built an ethical and socially responsible ecosystem.
  • We are in beta mode, always looking for our improved version.

Why Work With Us?

Insurance can be a rather complex purchase since you are buying a protection promise that could potentially make or break your financial well-being later on. Independent insurance agencies realize that insurance can seem confusing and complicated, especially when you do not deal with them on a regular basis.

For this reason, insurance agents will work to make sure that you properly understand your coverage, from what is and what is not included, to the restrictions and deductibles you should carry. In addition to that, an independent agent is capable of offering you multiple plans from various companies, as opposed to just a single company. However, if you require only a single insurance coverage or pricing option, a direct writer might be a better option.

Customer Feedback

BRZ set me up with Workers' Compensation coverage that exceeded my prior coverage and saved me good bucks. Thank you!

Thank you BRZ for your patient assistance and guidance during the state of confusion and for helping us get all of our paperwork together for home insurance. It was a difficult time and you helped us through.

BRZ is my #1 choice as far as customer service is concerned. You guys are amazing! Thanks again.

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