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BRZ Insurance offers a range of high-quality personal and commercial insurance services designed to cater the diverse needs of our clients. These include:

  • Auto Insurance - This is for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other vehicles, and its primary use is to offer financial protection against bodily injury or physical damage from traffic collisions.
  • Workers' Compensation - This is a type of insurance offers medical benefits and wage replacement to employees who've been physically hurt during the span of employment in exchange for obligatory abandonment of the worker's right to litigate their company for the case of carelessness.
  • Renter's Insurance - Commonly referred to as tenant's insurance, this is an insurance policy that covers costs associated with a covered loss in your rented space such as fire, vandalism, and theft. Plus, it pays expenses when the dwelling becomes dilapidated.
  • Home - Also referred to as property insurance, home insurance offers protection against a majority of risks to your real estate like weather damage, fire, and theft. A property is basically insured in 2 main ways: (named perils) and (open perils.) Named perils calls for the actual loss cause to be mentioned in the insurance policy for the insurance to be offered. Common examples of named perils include hazardous events such as explosion, lighting, theft, and fire. On the other hand, open perils envelop all the causes of loss not particularly ruled out from the policy. Typical exclusions on open peril insurance policies include damage resulting from floods, earthquakes, terrorism acts, war, and nuclear accidents.
  • Life - Life insurance is an agreement between an insurance policyholder and an insurer where the latter assures to pay a certain beneficiary amount of money in exchange for a payment, in the event of the former's demise. Other expenses like funeral charges can also be included in the benefits.
  • Boat - Boat insurance protects you against expenses in the event of damage or loss of your boat, and covers most watercraft with motors, such as paddle boats, leisure yachts, pontoon boats, and fishing boats.
  • Umbrella Coverage - This type of insurance policy is designed to help protect you from major lawsuits and claims, thereby helping you protect your future as well as your assets. It offers extra liability coverage above the perimeters of your auto, boat, and home insurance policies.

In general, umbrella insurance offers coverage for damage to property, injuries, certain types of lawsuits, and personal liability. Coverage is also offered in case you get sued for libel, slander, imprisonment/false arrest, malicious prosecution, and mental anguish. Umbrella insurance policy is an excellent option since it provides an extra layer of security to those individuals who are at a risk of getting sued for other's injuries or damages to their property in an accident. The extra layer of coverage is most valuable to those who own many assets or very expensive assets, and are at a high risk of getting sued.

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We are specialized in Personal & Commercial Auto, Worker's Compensation, General Liability, Renter's Insurance, Home Insurance, Life, Umbrella Coverage and more.

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