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Commercial Property Package (CPP)

You can bundle various types of coverage within a single policy and protect yourself from the multiple risks involved in YOUR business. Let BRZ protect your dream!

Commercial Property Package (CPP)

CPP allows different combinations for coverage, which means that your commercial insurance can be customized to the specific needs and the multiple risks involved in YOUR business. We are prepared for the most varied risks. Customized insurance under one policy. BRZ is protecting your dream!


1. Nossa missão é um serviço de seguros descomplicado!

A BRZ está empenhada em trazer as melhores opções de seguros pessoais e comerciais com suporte bilíngue para a comunidade latina nos EUA. Sabemos que a informação é o seu melhor aliado, pode confiar no seu seguro e ter sempre a certeza de que estará protegido. Por isso, estamos constantemente buscando formas de trazer a melhor experiência bilíngue em contratos de seguro.

2. Aqui você sempre estará em primeiro lugar!

Na BRZ, o cliente sempre vem em primeiro lugar. Focamos incansavelmente em quem confia em nosso trabalho. Acreditamos que defender seus interesses é nossa melhor aposta. E fazemos isso oferecendo a cobertura de seguro certa, focando em capacitar nossas comunidades, melhorando nossa tecnologia e buscando excelência em serviços.

3. Buscamos um relacionamento de longo prazo!

Priorizamos a manutenção do relacionamento com cada cliente. Estamos sempre em busca de qualidade, não quantidade. Orientamos você a fazer as melhores escolhas, independente do nosso lucro, pois acreditamos que ter clientes satisfeitos é o nosso legado.


CPP can include almost any commercial coverage your company needs, once it's important to identify the risks and how your business works.

Most popular coverages

Building and Personal Property, Builder’s Risk, Owners of Condominium Commercial Units, Business Income, Extra Expense, and Onshore Insurance of Marine Businesses.

Coverage for commercial accidents

The most popular coverage for commercial accidents will include legal, medical, and uninsured driver costs, civil liability, and rural property liability.

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Auto Insurance

Protect your car, motorcycle, or truck, but also yourself and anyone with you.


Also referred to as property insurance, home insurance offers protection against most risks to your real estate like weather damage, fire, and theft.


Renters insurance offers coverage for costs that are linked to a loss in any leased space after natural or man-made disasters such as theft, fire, and vandalism.

Worker’s Compensation

Provide assistance to employees who have suffered health hazards at work. It's a responsibility and protection for those who help your business move forward!

General Liability

Make sure your company's financial health is against liability claims. It's legal security and cash.

Truck Insurance

If your truck is your business, keep it safe from all the risks involved. It's safety on the roads and in your life!


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