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3 reasons to choose BRZ today!

You might have noticed by now that no matter where you turn, it’s impossible to escape insurance in the United States. There is a lot of mandatory insurance, some recommended and others that I wouldn’t think twice about if I were you. However, in a competitive world like insurance, it is common to ask which company to choose or which criteria to use for this choice.

To make your life easier (and toot our own horn in the process), we have selected 3 excellent reasons for you to choose BRZ today:

1. We are a one stop shop.

With BRZ, you can take out all the insurance you need in one convenient place. We work with all types of personal and commercial insurances, so you can insure your newly purchased motorcycle as well as your entire fleet of trucks. Or you can sign up for renter’s insurance today and in a few years, come right on back to insure your first home.

Our goal is a long-term relationship. We want to grow with you, accompanying you from the beginning of your new life in the USA all the way tol the consolidation of your American dream. For this reason, we strive to be aligned with your needs, whether in the search for new technologies or exciting, new partnerships with only the best insurance companies.

Here are just some of the insurance we offer:

And these are just the most requested! Learn more about the insurance policies available on the services page of our website. And if you’re in doubt about exactly what you need, just check in with BRZ and we will be more than happy to guide you.

2. Your security is our best business

We’ve already told our story here, but since we are a one stop shop, here is a quick recap: BRZ was formed by immigrants who were united in their desire to give back to the LatinX community all the support and care they received throughout their lives.

Living in this community, BRZ partners saw the many tragedies that were only aggravated by a lack of insurance or inadequate coverage. They then came together to create a company with a commitment to always provide the best deal for everyone who enters our stores (or website).

For BRZ, the best deal is not the biggest profit, but the adequate coverage and installments you are able to pay. There is no fine print or hidden surprises! We want safe and satisfied customers!

3. We speak your language!

In addition to our focus on immigrant clients, we also hire immigrants! In this way, we not only guarantee personalized service for those who contact BRZ, but we also contribute to the development of our community.

Here at BRZ, everything is trilingual: online service, face-to-face service, blog and social networks. All to ensure that whether you speak Portuguese, English or Spanish, you will receive and understand all the valuable information and updates that we share.

At BRZ, you do not run the risk of inadequate or incorrect coverage due to translation errors.

Join BRZ too!

If you’re still not convinced that BRZ is the place for you, get a free, no-obligation quote, or stop by one of our stores for a cup of coffee and a chat with our team. We will prove that we stand by our commitment to you with more than just words.

If it’s important to you, it’s BRZ!

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