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5 Maintenance Tips for Homeowners to Prevent Roof Leaks

Does home policy cover roof leaks?

This is one of the most common questions that customers about our home insurance policy. Yes, typically homeowners policy does provide coverage for leaky rooftops but depending on the coverage you have. You’ll need to check with your insurance agent and ask about the details and the extent of your homeowners’ coverage about any water damage.

A silhouette of a roofing professional repairing the asphalt shingles on top of rooftop.

Typically, asphalt shingle roofs have a life expectancy of 20-25 years before they need to be replaced. Homes with replacement roofs over existing layers have a life expectancy of 20 years. After two decades, they’ll need to be replaced. It never hurts to get your roof maintenance every 3-5 years.

Furthermore, here are the 5 tip of advice for maintaining your home’s rooftop

  • 1. Remove roof’s debris.

    Once a year, you’ll want to clear the accumulated debris on your rooftop. A pressure washer works best.

  • 2. Clear gutter gunge.

    Take preventive measure such as clearing your gutters so that rainwater doesn’t build up.
  • 3. Inspect roof’s insulation.

    Moss and algae are commonplace. Over time, the shingle sheets will likely start developing dark spots. Be sure to check your installation to be cautionary.
  • 4. Examine asphalt shingles.

    The New England weather will eventually away at your asphalt. Speak with roofing professional for routine maintenance.
  • 5. Trim tree branches.

    Do this twice a year (spring and fall); trim the surrounding tree branches.
Professional Roofers repairing a home's roof top in Malden, MA

If you’re concerned about a potential roof leak, contact your local roofing professionals.  Call a professional today to have it checked out. As always, we encourage you to always support small and local businesses around where you live. Here we listed a few roofing companies located in the Middlesex County neighborhoods:

  • Framingham, MA

    • Advance Roofing & Siding
    • H&R Roofing
    • Landmark Roofing
  • Malden, MA

    • Mark Brady Roofing
    • Hurley Construction & Roofing
    • Renovestors Roofing
BRZ Insurance, BRZ Malden, BRZ Framingham offers home insurance to cover the common issue, roof leaks and water damages

Therefore, when you don’t homeowners policy in place, a roofing repair job and the water damages caused by it can quickly become expensive to repair. Speak with a BRZ agent today to learn more about homeowners policy coverage to protect your two most valuable assets – your family and your home.

Click here for a free homeowner insurance quote or submit a form below for an estimate on how much you can save on combining your home and auto policies. At BRZ, we pride ourselves in providing 24/7 customer support so you’ll have a great experience. Drop-in anytime for a free consultation at our two BRZ Insurance locations, Framingham and Malden, MA. Call BRZ Insurance now!

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Don’t wait until your roof caves in. Learn more about home policy and how to find the right coverage your family needs. Speak with one of our advisors today, and see what your options are.

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