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6 Benefits of Renters Insurance

Why would you need Renters Insurance?

Boston is a transnational city.  Small, yet accessible by foot or bike, and it’s one of the most intellectual cities in the world. We are surrounded by some of the best universities that attract top talent from the four corners of the globe.

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Why does Renter Insurance Matter?

On top of that, we also care about the environment. The city of Boston has been the host city for Boston GreenFest for over 12 years. Similarly to Boston GreenFest’s goal to  “educate and empower people to create a more sustainable, healthier world.” Likewise, at BRZ insurance, our agency’s goal is to educate and find uniquely tailored coverage for our neighbors. In fact, we wrote this to piece for people to learn more about why we have renters insurance coverage. Renters insurance provides peace of mind.

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Here are 6 Scenarios that Renters Insurance Provides Coverage For:

  1. The cost of your hotel or another apartment after a disaster.
  2. The damages your child causes to another person or their property.
  3. Theft of your valuables from your home, car or when you are on vacation.
  4. Theft or loss of items that you have borrowed or rented.
  5. When your dog bites your neighbor.
  6. When a guest is injured in your home.

These situations are covered by renters insurance, and having coverage is affordable and beneficial for the majority of individuals.

Photograph of an apartment interior in Boston

When you are shopping for renters insurance, follow this approach so you can save money. First, make a home inventory list and then decide how much coverage you’ll need to replace all of your valuable belongings. Then choose a liability limit high enough to protect any savings and property if you were sued. Second, you’ll need to get quotes from several insurers, including the company that provides your vehicle insurance. You will most likely be able to receive a discount on a package deal if you purchasing renters and auto insurance from the same company.

Lastly, get a renters insurance quote from BRZ Insurance! We are here to help provide you with the best customer experience. We’ll be able to tell you how much you can save with your coverage by combining your auto and renters insurance policies. Speak with one of our licensed BRZ agents over the phone or in person. Visit BRZ Insurance at our two offices located in Framingham or our newest location in Malden, MA!

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