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7 Tips to Finally Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions 

Year in, year out and your goals remain unfulfilled? Want to learn how to create ultimate goals and get them off the paper?

When the end of the year comes and we take the time to review our goals, it is common to get frustrated when we realize that most of the resolutions we made for the year were left aside. Can you relate?

If so, you are not alone.

How can you prepare for the year to come?

How can you define your next steps and implement them?

We’ll teach you how to create achievable goals for 2022 and how to meet them so that you can finally close the next year with a sense of accomplishment.

1 – Get your goals on paper


Writing things down helps to process and organize ideas. Write down your goals in order of priority and post them in visible places. Take advantage of planners, bulletin boards, and even refrigerator magnets.

Using colored pens and different shapes help to catch our attention and remind us of them every day. This will help keep you focused on the commitment you have made to strive towards what you want.

How do you set goals? We present to you a method that is simple and effective:

The S.M.A.R.T. Method

S.M.A.R.T. is a technique that is well known in the business world but was so successful that it is now used to set personal goals.

S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym for five words and can help you wisely and more carefully define your goals to start the year focused on what really matters.

Based on this your goal should be:

  • Specific: be clear about the ultimate goal.
  • Measurable: be able to track its evolution over time
  • Attainable: to be attainable within your reality
  • Relevant: bring you the feeling of purpose
  • Timed: having a deadline to reach helps you maintain determination

2 – Organize your time

Do you feel you lacked the time to accomplish last year’s goals?

Your days should be organized and planned in advance, so you can set aside time to focus on your goals.

Advantages of good time management:

  1. Efficiency in performing tasks – Planning your time for each task allows you to increase your productivity and reduce unforeseen events;
  2. Less stress – Decreasing unforeseen events will decrease the chances of stressful situations;
  3. More control – With the planning done, it’s easier to visualize all your tasks for a period and define the day-to-day needs in order to execute them;
  4. Less rework– Organized time creates a better workflow, reducing errors and the need for correction;
  5. More focus– Time management allows you to devote your energy to activities with the greatest impact and relevance.

Our daily life is full of distractions, if you don’t manage your time, you will hardly find opportunities to achieve what you want.

3 – Get Active

Set aside time in your schedule to practice some type of physical activity at least 3 times a week.

The practice of physical exercises not only helps to improve your mood, but will also clear your mind so you can focus on your goals.

4 – Stay away from procrastination

We have distractions in the palm of our hand and everywhere around us, and so we end up procrastinating on our commitments and tasks.

Procrastination is one of the main villains of productivity and tends to take up a great deal of our time and energy.

So that this doesn’t happen, let’s learn how to abandon the “leave it for later” altogether:

  • Keep distractions away;
  • Research techniques to help maintain focus and mindfulness and choose the one that best suits your profile;
  • Take breaks and use them to resolve any issues that might distract you from your goals;
  • Don’t leave anything for later. Everything you can do now, do it right now!

5 – Get out of your comfort zone!

More important than just dreaming is putting your plans and goals into practice.

Let your dreams be more than theories, begin putting the necessary steps into action without fear. Always trust your abilities and believe in your dreams.

6 – Be gentle with yourself 

Focusing on goals is very important, but it should not limit you. Schedule in free time, where you can read, play games, watch movies, talk to your friends.

Remember to make time for leisure in your New Year’s calendar.

And if by chance, the world around you changes your priorities, feel free to change your goals or even postpone your deadlines. Be kind to yourself and understand that these lists are to help you grow and not to frustrate you.

7-Focus on what’s really important

When you fill your head with unnecessary things, you run out of space for what really matters!

Automate the things that can be automated and channel your efforts into what you really know how to do.

For example, allowing us at BRZ to review your insurance policy which will save you time (and money).

Put your bills on automatic debit. Schedule your calendar in advance. Create a daily routine!

Small adjustments like these will give you more support to pursue your goals!

And may 2022 be your year!

Luciana Sá

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