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Be a Child’s ‘Merry Christmas’

Are you feeling grateful for this past year and in the Christmas spirit? What if you could save on your bills and make a child happy this Christmas– all at the same time?

Teaming up with RE/MAX for a Christmas Toy Drive, BRZ is organizing a massive toy donation for underprivileged children for Christmas 2021. The event will take place on December 19th at 130 New Boston St. in Woburn, with donations accepted through the 13th.

What will BRZ do?

To participate in the campaign, BRZ has committed to donating a toy for each insurance policy contracted through December 13th, which is when the donation collection ends. This way, you can join our family, start the year with all your coverage up to date, stay calm and protected, and, above all, give a child a happier Christmas!

Didn’t I read something about saving?

You read that right! Get your insurance quote or request a review of your current policy right now and see how much you can save on your monthly insurance rates. Here at BRZ, we are committed to always seeking the best value for each person and situation that comes our way.

Rest assured that both the quote and review are 100% free and without obligation. And because we speak your language, there’s no catch. You’ll know each coverage, limit, and exclusion that is included in your new policy before closing any business.

For BRZ, the perfect insurance is the one that fits your bills and at the same time, provides all the coverage you need. This is what we do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

What are you waiting for?

There is no better time to stop by and see our Christmas decorations and all the toys we have already placed under the tree. Bring the right paperwork and we will find the perfect insurance for you.

Remember: for every policy, a toy is donated.

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