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BRZ’s Resolutions for 2022

2022 is right there and like everyone else, we at BRZ are thinking about our resolutions for the new year. Reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the year ahead is a great way to plan our next steps.

To turn our resolutions into promises, we’ve decided to share them with you. Maybe some of them will inspire you to create your own goals for the coming year?

Solidify and extend the relationship with our customers

We will never get tired of saying that we are looking for long-term relationships with our customers. For this, we will continue to invest in our systems and infrastructure to support service excellence, convenience and selection of the best services for you. At BRZ, you can trust that we will always look for the insurance policy that will best meet your needs.

Expand our trilingual service

We are proud to speak your language. However, we believe there are significant opportunities to better serve our customers in our community’s three main languages ​​(English, Portuguese and Spanish) by expanding the number of employees who speak these languages. This will in turn reduce waiting times and create even more personalized experiences that are consistent with the realities for each individual.

Act in solidarity with others

The year 2021 was difficult for many families and BRZ was present and supported actions that helped these families. In 2022, we want to do even more! We are very lucky to be able to repay all the blessings we have received and encourage everyone to join us in this chain of solidarity.

Search for new partnerships

We are always looking for partners who bring us other market views, other ways of working and new business ideas. We believe that we can go much further when we collaborate with others.

Expand our operations

In 2022, in addition to our new Cape Cod location, we want to find other places where we can take our philosophy of work and service. We believe that we still have a lot of space to occupy and many families in our LatinX community to guide so that they have the right insurance with the right coverage.

We want to be even closer to you!

We want to hear from you, learn more about your pain points and your dreams. We want to be even more connected to what moves you and aware of what scares you. We want to produce the type of content that interests you and can change your life. In 2021, we produced a lot, which has been great, but in 2022, we will have a lot more in store, just wait!

We feel good about what we’ve done and even more excited about what we want to do.

2021 was a really tough year, but it was also amazing. We at BRZ thank our customers for their business and trust, each other for our hard work, and our shareholders for their support and encouragement.

Luciana Sá

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