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5 Fun Facts About BRZ

Are you a longtime BRZ customer? Or are you just joining the family now? As we are known to say, at BRZ we are a big community of clients + employees, committed to turning the experience of the US immigrant into a success story.

And since we are such a united community, we decided to reveal 5 curiosities that few people know about BRZ to bring us even closer!

1. First location

In 2017, we opened our first location in Framingham, Massachusetts. We chose this location because of its proximity to the Brazilian community, which in addition to being our first target audience, also provides the warmth and affection (and food!!) that only the Brazilian people have.

Today we have 2 offices, one in Framingham and the other in Malden, and very soon, we will be opening the doors to a third location on Cape Cod. We are on a mission to make sure our services are always available and within reach. 

2. More than 8 thousand clients

Did you know that BRZ has served more than 8,000 customers in just 4 years? Between home insurance, auto insurance, truck insurance, flood insurance, fire insurance and even farm insurance, we are working to protect every area of your life so that you’re never caught off guard.

Among our clients, many of whom are Brazilians, are several other South Americans and representatives of the entire LatinX community, as well as Americans and other groups of people. 

3. A company formed by immigrants

Sometimes, we are asked why BRZ has chosen to specialize in serving immigrants and the answer is simple: we are a company formed by immigrants, with different backgrounds, different walks of life, and very different migratory experiences as well.

With that, we are more than aware of the sacrifices and difficulties of an immigrant living in the USA. We naturally specialize in educating the insurance market to meet this demand, as well as serving, supporting and educating the Latinx community on the importance of protecting yourself.

4. Serving 5 states

We may only have offices in Massachusetts so far, but BRZ is not limited to just one state. We also operate in Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

This means that if you follow us here and live in some of these other states, don’t be sad– you can also join the BRZ community.

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5. We speak your language

Here at BRZ, we can provide our services in English, Spanish and Portuguese, both in-person and through our various communication channels. In addition to the language, we are very involved in the LatinX culture and are fully aware of the cultural differences within this community, so we are ready not only to serve you but also to ensure that you understand every single word of any policy you sign up for. 

Luciana Sá

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