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What is the Host Liability on the Holidays

Are you going to receive visitors for the holiday season? Have you thought about your general liability to your guests?

The US is the biggest liability market in the world. It is the country that generates the highest number of claims and the highest value claims. However, being prepared for any circumstance can be the difference between a happy night and a rough start to the new year.

Liability Coverage of your home insurance policy

Imagine the scene: the end of the year has arrived, your in-laws have come to visit you and are staying at your house. Then, your father-in-law gets up earlier than you do, goes for a walk in the garden, and slides on the ice that has accumulated on the stairs during the night.

He may need medical attention. Liability coverage in your Homeowners policy covers the costs of such care. It also covers damage or injury if your puppy decides to bite your neighbor or knock your brother-in-law down.

Phew, right? This is exactly the feeling of having insurance that is adequate for our needs.

Policies usually have a standard limit value, but nothing prevents you from increasing your coverage. It is important to know what the limits and extent of your coverage are and to assess whether you are really protected from all risks.

Your liability coverage can pay for problems such as:

  • Injuries of a visitor who slips, trips or falls;
  • Accidents related to the alcohol you are serving
  • Dog bites

In addition to the liability coverage, within your home insurance policy there is a small medical payment coverage to cover minor injuries at a lower cost, no matter the culprit. This coverage can pay off faster than liability insurance because you don’t need to find the culprit.

I think I poisoned my guests. Now what?

Food poisoning can be caused in many ways and the risk always exists.Expired food, a poorly washed tomato or egg and it all goes down the drain…

When a lot of people come and go from the kitchen, when other people contribute with dishes brought from home, when the party lasts longer than expected and the food is exposed until the second round, the risk grows. It happens, but…

As a host of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, or even the firm’s party, you risk being held responsible if a guest ends up at the hospital for food.

Learn more about food safety at here.

Does home insurance cover food poisoning? Again- now what?

Your Homeowner’s General Liability coverage will pay for medical bills and other costs associated with food poisoning.

Your policy limits may vary from state to state and even between insurers, but in addition to poisoning, it will usually cover:

  1. Medical costs: not only for food poisoning, but also for damage caused by slips, falls, or other injuries that occur in your home. This includes in outdoor areas such as sidewalks and sidewalks/stairs with ice.
  1. Legal costs: If we cannot predict an accident, we cannot predict its severity. Injury from a fall down your stairs or the consequences of food poisoning can be more serious and hospital stays can be lengthy. This can mean a lawsuit behind your back and these costs are high. The civil liability or liability insurance protects you from lawsuits and covers everything from lawyers’ fees, legal fees and any damages or agreements resulting from the process, up to the coverage limit.
  1. Damage to Your Neighbor’s Property: Even if everything goes well between your family and guests, sometimes the party goes beyond certain property boundaries. A football on the lawn can create the opportunity to break the window of the house next door, and who knows the size of the damage… Your insurance can cover the damages, up to the limits of your policy.

In most cases, food poisoning is a disease that resolves itself with fluid intake and rest for one or two days, however, if it gets serious, you are protected and your guests are well covered.

**Liability also covers court costs if the incident goes to court.

Do you want to know more about your home insurance coverage? Click here. 

If my guest drinks too much, is it my responsibility?

As an event host, you end up having some responsibility for excessive drinking. If a drunk guest has an accident on the way home, your insurance can help cover injuries sustained by non-neglected third parties.

The drunk guest will likely be sued by the state and will have to pay for their own damages and medical care, but your insurance may already be in place to help others involved.

However, car accidents are often costly and can exceed the limits of your Homeowner policy. To increase your protection, consider an umbrella policy that kicks in when your homeowner’s insurance liability coverage reaches its limit.

Avoid dealing with this type of stress and take care of the lives of people around you, guide and encourage the choice of a designated driver or alternative forms of transport, such as a taxi or an app driver.

Review your home insurance!

Many times, we go into auto mode and simply renew our insurance without paying much attention to details. Do you know your policy, its limits, deductibles and coverage? Review it FREE of charge and without obligation with BRZ!

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