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Why do truckers need general liability insurance?

truckers general liability
truckers general liability

If you are planning to open your trucking company, you need to understand why do truckers need general liability insurance!

Are you a for-hire trucker, motor carrier, or auto hauler roaming the open highways, transporting all sorts of cargo?

Given the diversity of cargo types and the countless hours spent on the road, unforeseen circumstances and accidents may just be a matter of time, even for the most cautious of operators.

To provide peace of mind in such instances, commercial liability and cargo insurance is not only a wise choice but a requirement.

A general liability insurance policy, also called commercial general liability insurance, provides coverage to commercial entities for multiple types of risks with the exception of automobile and professional liabilities.

That means your insurance will pay for your obligations, such as medical charges or compensation for damaged property.

Bigger liability risks mean you will have to pay a higher premium.

Your policy also specifies the maximum amount the insurance carrier will pay when a claim is opened.

It is vital to ensure that your maximum coverage is adequate to meet the cost of any potential claims.

That is because your company will be the one responsible for the balance if you go over that maximum.

Since liability insurance provides you with protection against third party insurance claims such as lawsuits, most insurance providers have a structure wherein they do not pay the insured but rather a third party harmed by the policyholder.

Truckers insurance companies offer products designed to cover property damage and bodily injury even when they occur outside your truck.

Some indicative scenarios where this sort of coverage may just turn out to be a lifesaver for your business are: 

  • Injury of customers or employees on your business’ premises  
  • Products being damaged as a result of direct or indirect actions on your part, such as incorrect delivery 
  • Errors/actions of a driver employed by you while on another business’ premises (e.g. truck stops or loading docks)  
  • Expenses incurred from exposure to libel and/or slander, copyright infringement or false advertising
  • Legal fees in case of a lawsuit
  • Error on your part resulting in fire or other types of damage to a property you rent

BRZ is your local truck insurance expert.

Whether you are looking for owner operator insurance, motor carrier insurance, or private carrier insurance, BRZ specializes in providing insurance in Massachusetts for trucks and trailers of all sizes.

We work with top truckers’ insurance companies, to provide you with access to the most comprehensive coverage such as:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability 
  • Personal injury and advertising injury liability, which cover damages to people or non-physical entities due to negligence.  
  • General liability medical payments, which cover medical costs for physical injuries sustained by people on your business’ premises. 
  • Products/completed operations, which covers damage to property or physical injury that occurred due to delivering someone else’s goods. 
  • Damage to premises you rent, which provides temporary coverage for property rented for a period of 7 days or less. 

Securing comprehensive truckers’ general liability insurance is, therefore, a key decision for the long-term survival of your trucking business.

Purchasing truckers’ general liability insurance in Massachusetts may initially feel like you are navigating a maze.

But with assistance from a well-informed agent, it can turn into a straightforward process.

For example, depending on the radius within which you operate, interstate truckers’ insurance may be required.

The reason for that is not all policies provide coverage in all states and circumstances.

Furthermore, certain types of policies do not cover particular niche vehicles such as hearses, garbage trucks, and limos.

BRZ can assist you in selecting the policy that is right for your business and the requirements that come with it.

A well-rounded policy that has your bases covered will provide you with the freedom to focus on your business and its day-to-day operations without fretting over the occasional mishap and what it may cost you.

To that end, speaking with your BRZ agent about cargo liability insurance, to make sure you have cargo liability coverage as well, would be a smart move.

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