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Cinemas in Framingham

Few cultural activities are a greater crowd favorite than the cinema. It’s very difficult to find someone who doesn’t like to sit for 2 hours in a comfortable chair, with a bucket of popcorn in their hands and enjoy a movie on the big screen.

After almost 2 years of this pandemic, with all its restrictions and the number of films released via streaming platforms, it has become clear that the beloved pastime has lost some of its status, at least temporarily.

But now that we are vaccinated and slowly returning to normal life, why not think about heading over to a movie theater next weekend? Do you know where you can find a cinema in Framingham? It’s worth setting aside a day to discover these gems that the city offers. 

AMC Dine-In

Launched in 1994, the AMC Dine-In Framingham 16 occupies the place that was once the Shoppers World Cinema in the same location. It is located at 22 Flutie Pass, the road that connects Natick Mall and the new Shoppers World in Framingham. When it was built, it was the highest-grossing cinema on the East Coast.

Here, you can enjoy the film in a reclinable leather armchair, which is a hallmark of AMC cinemas, and enjoy the curatorship of films outside the Blockbuster circuit, with the Artisan Films project.

Dine at the cinema

But the most interesting thing about this complex are the bar and restaurant options, which are very different from what we are used to. At AMC Dine-In, you can order dinner, and not just popcorn and hot dogs but a real dinner with an appetizer, salad, main course and dessert, all from the comfort of your armchair. Of course, popcorn is a must, and is available for purchase  as regular or gourmet popcorn with cheddar or salted caramel.


In addition to dining at the cinema, you can also enjoy a tall glass of beer or your favorite cocktail– it’s up to you! The bar not only offers traditional drinks, wine and draft beer, but also, depending on the movie, there are specific drinks available that help to create the ideal atmosphere.

For example, along with a viewing of The King’s Man, a movie that extols class and elegance, you can purchase an Old Fashioned to enjoy while watching the movie. This experience is one you will never forget!


AMC cinemas follow all protocols as outlined by the CDC. Masks are required, as per CDC guidelines, and they are recommended for everyone regardless of vaccination status. However, those who have not yet been fully vaccinated must wear the mask throughout the building for as long as they are there.

Masks can be removed, however, while you eat or drink. There will be signs on site to inform you of the policy in effect regarding masks.

Click here for more information on CDC recommendations.

The procedures at AMC are as follows:

  • Maximized fresh air flow and MERV 13 filters
  • Improved cleaning procedures
  • HEPA Filter Vacuums
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are provided at your disposal

For more information, visit the AMC website.

Other offerings

The cinema also offers the possibility to rent a movie theater for an event, as well as educational programs for school classes.

You can also join the Moviegoers Club and with a monthly payment, you save on the individual price of a ticket..

Sunbrella IMAX Theatres

Before we get your hopes up with the following recommendation, we must make it clear that this cinema is closed indefinitely because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But we believe it should be back soon, so we will provide you with the most important information in the hopes that we can all enjoy a movie here sometime in the future. 

The concept is so fascinating and the installation so amazing that we decided to include this cinema in our article, even if it’s not available at the moment.

The Sunbrella IMAX Theatres (formerly known as Verizon IMAX Theatres) is an IMAX Digital 3D movie theater located inside a furniture store! The store is Jordan’s Furniture, and it is located in Natick, next to Framingham.

The theater features a 23-meter-wide by 55-meter-high screen, 12,000-watt sound, 279 Tempur-Pedic seats (super comfy) and features digitally remastered Hollywood movies.

Following the success of the theater in Natick, they opened their second theater in October 2004 in Reading, which includes many of the features of the 500-seat Natick IMAX.

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