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BRZ’s Communication Channels

As we mentioned when revealing our resolutions for 2022, one of our goals this year is to be even more connected with you. For this reason, let’s take a closer look at each of BRZ’s communication channels.

What is a communication channel?

According to Neil Patel, “communication channels are means used by companies to contact and build a relationship with their customers. With communication channels, companies and consumers can communicate by phone, internet or physical media.” This goes for both getting in touch with and being contacted by you.

What are BRZ’s communication channels?


The oldest on our list is also one of the most used communication channels, the telephone is a quick and practical way to solve your problems or resolve your doubts!

Call BRZ at 508-603-6777.

Social Media

We are on all major social networks bringing you not only quality content, but also valuable information about urgent issues that are happening around us, ways that we support others, and news releases about BRZ.

You can find us on the following networks:

And for a slightly more formal conversation, focused on serving our entrepreneurial customers:

We encourage you to engage with us in our comment sections, participate in our prompts, and take advantage of the inbox!


As good Latinx people that we are, Whatsapp is always a great way to talk to BRZ. Click on this link, or on the button with the Whatsapp logo that is in the lower right corner of every page of our site to be connected directly to BRZ’s Whatsapp.


If you don’t have the urgency of instant messaging or prefer to keep conversations documented, then email is the way to go. Use [email protected] to resolve any doubts, request documents, or ask for whatever else you might need.

It is also through email that we send out our newsletters and other important communications to our customers. You can request to be included in our e-mailing list to start receiving these as well.


Well, you’re already here, so we don’t need to elaborate much on this one. You already know our blog is where we put all our dedication to bring quality content, providing important and practical information as experts in all things insurance. 

Do you have any questions about a type of insurance, service or even an attraction in Massachusetts? Do a search on the blog you’ll likely find it. If there’s something you want to learn more about, use one of our communication channels to let us know, and we will take your request to heart! We want to write about what it is you’re interested in learning more about!


You can also reach us through our website, either by sending an email via our contact page or requesting an insurance quote by filling out this form.

There you will also find our FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions, which feature the answers to the most frequently asked questions we’ve received, saving you time.

We are at your disposal Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm, but no message is ever lost! Send us your question or requests through any of the channels listed and we will respond within the first hour of the next day.

Reviews and Ratings

You can find our ratings and reviews on Google and Yelp, channels where you can communicate with other customers, submit reviews, rate our service, and make suggestions. It is almost a communication channel between customers, as the main objective is to share criticism, analysis and opinions about the services you’ve used.

We keep an eye on these channels so that we can better serve our customers and answer any questions that may arise.

Talk to real people

At BRZ, you will always be attended by a real person– a human being who is an insurance specialist that speaks your language and understands your pain points. There are no automated or robotic services here. We value complete information and are at your disposal to answer any question, no matter how specific.

Our communication is always direct, from person to person.

2022 will be even better

We are always on the lookout for new media and internet trends. Our goal is to be in constant expansion and evolution.

What is your favorite communication channel? Which one don’t you like? Tell us through ANY of our communication channels.

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